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10 Benefits of SMS Marketing

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There are so many benefits of sms marketing and it is considered as gem among the advertising world. It can easily target a large number of audience at a single go and has huge impact on broadcasting any news.

SMS (or Short Message Service) is just another word for texting. And texting is just as important to marketing as social media or brochures. The benefits of SMS marketing makes it a great choice for any kind of business looking to reach more of its customers.

Cost Effective

SMS Marketing doesn’t cost much at all to send text to a customer. Even sending a lot of messages to a huge masses, the cost is not a problem. It is much more affordable when you compare it to other marketing options, such facebook, Banner Ads, Email marketing etc.

This makes SMS marketing a great choice for all businesses.

Reach a Wide Demographic

Because so many people have cell phones and other mobile devices these days, your customer demographic can widen through the benefits of SMS marketing. Instead of focusing on just one marketing strategy that might only reach one section of your demographic, SMS marketing reaches everyone.

As long as they have a mobile device that can receive texts, they get to enjoy the messages you’re sending them. Plus, with more exposure to your customers, the more you become a part of their world.

With that kind of hold comes more purchases of your product or services.

Strengthens Customer Engagement

SMSing doesn’t just give you the option to engage with your customers more. It can also give your customers a way to engage with you.

It lets them feel that your business is more accessible. It makes your business become more a part of their lives instead of being just “that one store I go to sometimes”. Instead, you’re there with them on their mobile phone, prompting them to remember you.

SMS has a great return on investment

As I’ve just mentioned, return on investment is one of the most important metrics to measure to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the bottom line.

When done right, SMS marketing has a generous ROI.

For example, the British motor racing circuit Silverstone sent a text message to 45,000 people in their database, inviting them to buy tickets for an upcoming Formula 1 race. Just this single message resulted in 680% ROI.

As you can see, SMS marketing has a very strong potential when executed with careful planning and strategy in place. So to make the most of SMS marketing, it’s essential to ensure that your SMS marketing efforts are aligned with your overall marketing strategy and initiatives.

Generate word of mouth

Use SMS to not only engage your existing customers but also drive new business to your company. If you have something of value to offer your customers, they will spread the word to family, friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and SMS promotes this with instant communication.

Improve communication

Communication is key to building any long term relationship. SMS Marketing can be of great benefit when building on these relationships. SMS is a personal message from you to your audience. Let them in on the secret sale, a simple thank you message after a purchase, inform them of any sales/promotional offers, when their delivery is ready, the list is endless. SMS Marketing is a easy , fast and reliable way to communicate with all of your customers.

 Opt-In Option

Building your database correctly is of vital importance, not only for Data Protection purposes but also by having your customers sign up to hear from you, you have already started the sales process. These Opt in’s are qualified existing or potential customers, they want to hear from you, don’t disappoint them.

Opt Out Option

With every SMS Campaign your business should always offer customers the opportunity to unsubscribe from further text messages. Data Protection Laws state that if you are to contact a person via text, they must be able to unsubscribe via text. NeonSMS can offer you the perfect product which will instantly update your database keeping you compliant. The major benefit with this, you will not be sending unwanted texts to those uninterested.

Fast Delivery

here’s virtually no wait time when it comes to SMSing. Once you press the send button, you can be certain that your customers will receive your message straight away.

The benefits of SMS marketing really shine here because this kind of advertising requires little prep time. There are no materials to gather or printings to wait for. There are no designs to complete or people to contact.

The only thing you need to do is come up with your message and send it away to your customers. And, because we already know that texts are far more likely opened than emails, you can be certain your customers will see your important news as quickly as possible.

Higher Open Rate Than Emails

One of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing is the fact that texts are opened up to 98% of the time when received by your customers. This gives SMS an open rate higher than all other advertising options.It’s easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder and it’s simple for a customer to throw away a flier they pick up at the mall. But with the prevalence of mobile phones and the popularity of texting, text marketing doesn’t go ignored.

More often then not, your customers will open that text and read its contents.

If you want to find a way to reach your customers more consistently, give SMSing a try.

Experience the Many Benefits of SMS Marketing Today

From all of this, you can see for yourself just how great texting can be for your business. It’s perhaps not as trendy as social media, but it does get results. SMS marketing has so many benefits and at little cost to you, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Especially when the benefits of SMS marketing give your business that extra edge it needs to stand above all of the competitors.

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